Switched On Group is the industry best for service and delivery in the building and maintenance sector.

Repairs & Maintenance

Never worry about your home repairs and maintenance again. Our team of qualified Master Tradesmen can take care of anything you need.

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We provide reliable, on-call maintenance services for electrical, carpentry, and painting so let our qualified team of expert tradesmen take care of your home maintenance and repairs. 

With more than 60 tradesmen on our team, we’re able to attend to your requests quickly. 

Need an urgent repair? Get in touch and we'll use our GPS to send the nearest qualified service provider to your site within four hours, even if it’s outside of normal business hours.

For non-urgent maintenance, our team is available Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm and will be onsite within 2-3 days to carry out the work. We aim to complete work on the same day, subject to availability of parts and products needed.


Contact us for any building repairs and maintenance, including:


Repairing or replacing broken locks, doors and door handles.

Repairing GiB or plasterboard to ceilings and walls, rotten timber and flooring, exterior cladding including rotten weatherboards and fibre cement sheets, bathroom wetwall or HardieGlaze replacements.


Plaster repairs.

Repainting fences and decks.

Repainting or touch ups for walls, door frames and window architraves.



Installing extra power points, light switches or lights.

Replacing broken outlets. Installing bathroom heaters and extraction fans.

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