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Is your home winter-ready?

14 March 2017

With the cooler weather fast approaching, now is the time to make sure your home will stay warm and dry over winter. By being proactive, you can lower your power bills, make your property safer and reduce the likelihood of more extensive and expensive home repairs in the future.

If you need advice or a hand with any property repairs or maintenance before winter, contact our team – we’re happy to help.

Here’s our top-five list of home maintenance tasks to address before the rain and frosts set in. 

1. Clean out spouting

This will ensure that water flows away correctly and help to prevent leaks during heavy rain.

2. Examine wooden window frames

Check your window frames for signs of rot. If rot is present, it’s best to repair or replace your window frames as soon as possible to prevent bigger and costlier issues down the line.

Our team can help to make repairs like this stress-free. Just ask us for a quote and leave the rest to our friendly and efficient tradies.

3. Trim overgrown branches

Trimming overgrown branches back from your house and electrical wires will prevent iced-over or wind-swept branches from causing property damage or power issues.

4. Inspect outdoor lighting around the property

Good illumination will help minimise the chance of accidents on icy winter walkways at night. It’s also a good idea to check the handrails on any exterior stairs to make sure they’re well secured. This is particularly important for the safety of older members of the family and it’s easy to address.

Our team can update your current outdoor lighting system, or plan and install new outdoor lighting around your home in time for winter.

5. Check weather-strips around windows and door frames

This is another essential step to prevent leaks, damp, and heat-loss. A warm, dry home is a healthy home and weather-strips play a big role in keeping the heat in and moisture out.

Our team can inspect weather-strips and adjust or replace them if needed.