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2016 Home Colour Trends from Expert Painting Contractors

22 September 2016

The range of different paint colours available to us today is a far cry from just a few decades ago. With such a wide palette and supply of materials, painting contractors and designers have had a field day creating fresh ambience for rooms and home spaces this year. With spring in the air, it is a great time not only for a good spring clean, but also for a new look. Let’s strip away the dark and dank and usher in the bloom of spring with beautiful shade combinations for every room in the house.


A home’s living area is often the focal point because of the many hours spent there with family and friends. For this reason your living area should be the most inviting room in the house. If you enjoy spending time entertaining guests then this should be a multi-functional room and a space where everyone feels comfortable. Your living area can say a lot about who you are and how you operate so keep this in mind when you are decorating.

Shades of pink are a slightly unconventional, yet lively colour choice for a room that you want to feel vibrant and inviting. Imagine lush seating upholstered in a subtle blush facing your entertainment system, which is set off by a feature wall that has bold but beautiful shades of coral or salmon. This is a room that is designed to bring people together and hold them in a warm embrace. Some bronze accents and modern decor can add an air of sophistication to the room which would make it suitable for entertaining at a corporate level as well.


Your dining room is a place where not only your basic need for food is met, but where those closest to you gather to prepare for the day and then again to share the events of that day that has just passed. It can be a very intimate place and colour plays an important a role in this mood, as does the type of furniture and accessories you bring into the room.

We love springtime, and what signifies new life better than the colour green? While green may not be a traditional colour choice for New Zealand home interiors, designers and painting contractors are seeing a new advantage in mixing this life-affirming hue with furnishings in earthy colours. Adding accessories like patterned curtains that resemble climbing vines, helps to enforce a mood of relaxation which is great for warm family dinners. A home that mimics nature’s glory is sure to exude an air of vibrancy about it, sweetly combined with the calm of a verdant forest. Instead of placing plants around the room, you can work with your designer and painting contractor to create the same dynamic effect with different tones of green.


The kitchen is not a room to be overlooked. It is afterall, the place where culinary magic takes place. Many kitchen areas nowadays are open plan which makes the enjoyment of food - both preparation and consumption - a very social affair. The kitchen acts like the living area where members of the family and close friends gather and banter as they prepare meals and snacks. At the same time the kitchen can also be a very personal space where you can retreat, get creative and and forget about the outside world.

Different shades of yellow are a popular colour of choice for an intimate kitchen space. Yellow is a vibrant colour that is reminiscent of early mornings. This is perfect when we consider that many families spend their time together in the kitchen at this time of day. It also inspires a lovely wake-up mood that some of us who are not really morning people will greatly appreciate. Yellow is a fresh and clean colour - something that we all want these spaces to be.


Many homes have extra rooms that are furnished for a variety of purposes. They may be used as guest bedrooms, home studies, or music rooms to name a few. When these rooms are desired for long-term use, it may be best to personalise them for utmost comfort. When they are needed for more than one purpose over the long term, however, they are best kept neutral to comfortably accommodate a variety of personalities and uses.

Blue has been selected by many designers over the years as the most versatile home colour. There are so many varieties of blue that one could use only blue for an entire house and never grow bored. Teal is a darker and richer hue that matches perfectly with dark wooden furniture. Add some white trim and accessorise with cushions and a throw rug and this will set off the room perfectly to create a cozy alternative sitting room or study space. Depending on how much natural light the room gets you may want to opt for a darker navy, slate or grey-blue. These are great colours for rooms that get a lot of light as they do not wash out.

If you prefer to keep your living area free from loud movies and games, shades of blue are also great for a separate media room. Cerulean blue is very cool and very lively at the same time, which encourages activity and gameplay. Pale blue walls create a sense of space in what would be a smaller room than the traditional living area, so even large gatherings for a movie night would not feel cramped and crowded. Darker blues for the furniture encourage comfort, making long hours spent watching football games or catching up on missed tv shows a truly relaxing experience.


Your bedroom is a very personal space and one that you have the ultimate freedom to do up as you wish. If you want your bedroom to embody warmth and passion you may opt for a splash of deep red or maroon. If you are worried that these energising colours could potentially distract from a restful night's sleep, you can achieve a good balance by keeping the use of vibrant colours to a minimum. Incorporating a feature wall or introducing these colours through the furnishings are just some of the ways that you can achieve this.

If you want to consider hues that promote rest, shades of blue are a great option. Pale blues with hints of grey for the boys and lavender for the girls can create cool and serene spaces that are perfect for a peaceful night's sleep. Slightly darker shades of light blue are reminiscent of the ocean, which tends to have a very calming effect. Icy pastel greens can work the same way, and are a tad warmer for those who have trouble getting comfortable around blues and greys.

We really are spoilt for choice - when it comes to colour choices in the home the options are endless. Whether you are looking to bring more life to your living space, personalise your own room, or create a specific mood for each distinct area, our expert painting contractors at Switched On can bring these fresh colour trends to life with your next home renovation project.